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We are thrilled to announce the fourth annual French Food Festival à la carte 2018 taking place in Chicago and throughout the Midwest from October 5th–15th. For ten days, everyone is invited to experience the many flavors of France. This celebration includes specially priced menus and offers at French and French inspired restaurants and businesses, cooking workshops, tastings, cultural events, and activities for food lovers of all ages.

à la carte, a non-profit organization, is rapidly expanding and is attracting a growing number of food enthusiasts. In order to reinforce and further develop this project, we are seeking your support.

Your sponsorship will give you special access to the French food communities in the Midwest and allow for direct consumer engagement. You will have the opportunity to promote your business at key à la carte events, benefit from a wide distribution of printed materials, and have visibility on our website and active marketing/advertising campaign. We offer different sponsorship levels, including in-kind contributions, so you may choose an option that best fits within the vision and goals of your company.
Your contribution will help us offset operational and communication expenses to generate greater interest and attendance for the festival.

This year’s à la carte French Food Festival will once again be an exciting and unique celebration.

We look forward to your support!

Become a Sponsor