Event: Week of Gastronomy - St Louis | à la carte Chicago 2018

Week of Gastronomy - St Louis


The Centre Francophone at Webster University presents Week of Gastronomy!

Beginning Monday, October 8th, videos, articles, recipes, and idiomatic expressions that discuss and celebrate French cuisine will be posted on the Centre Francophone's Facebook page.

Take part in a competition in which the winner will receive a gift card of $25 to Comme à la maison, a wonderful local French café. To participate, you will need to create a piece of original art that celebrates gastronomy and post it to the Centre Francophone in St Louis Facebook page.

This can be a photo, a painting, a collage, a poem, etc. Including a recipe of your meal is encouraged but not required! The winner will be decided on Sunday, October 14th. Good luck and we are looking forward to seeing your creations!


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